Prius and Camry Hybrid Repair and Service

AARC is your one stop shop for Hybrid vehicle repair. Maintaining a fleet of more than 60 hybrids we pride ourselves on knowing the Hybrid vehicles, and being able to use that expertise to bring you fast service, competitive pricing, and the most reliable repairs available.
Generally speaking, your local mechanic has neither the training or specialized tools to make the proper repair or service on your Hybrid vehicle. Untrained mechanics can make things worse, or put owners in danger by attempting to make repairs they have not been trained for.

AARC technicians have expertise and training in the following specialty areas specific to the Hybrid vehicles:

Service Description


Hybrid Engine Service – Replace Engine oil and Standard filters


Hybrid brakes: The Hybrid vehicle’s braking system is very complex due to its system of recharging the battery while braking. We have the tools, training, and expertise to get the job done right.

$198.00 per pair ( including machining of Brake Rotors )

Hybrid Air Conditioning: Incorrect maintenance on these systems has the possibility of putting the vehicle occupants in danger. Specialist equipment and oil is mandatory.

Regas FROM ONLY $119



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